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Year 5 Sparks Fire Safety Workshop 2/11/16

Today Year 5 took part in a Fire Safety Workshop presented by the Cheshunt Fire Brigade. They were split into three groups called Watches. Each watch listened to fireman tak about fire saefty. The children took turns at different stations.

Watch One
The children had to circle things in the picture which were fire hazards.  For example, a teddy next to a fire, candles in the window and a mirror above a fire (this is dangerous because when looking into the mirror you might catch your clothes alight).  The children then learnt what to do if you are caught alight. Stop / Drop / Roll.  They even had a go themselves!

Watch Two
The children had to point out the best place to place a smoke alarm and what to do if it sounds.  They learnt you need to: Feel the door with the back of your hand to see if there is any heat coming through.  Crouch low before you open the door.  Stay low to prevent inhallation of smoke.  Alert everyone in the house. Make your way to the nearest exit.  Once outside dial 999.

Watch Three
The children learnt the importance of remaining calm when talking to the emergency services. The seriousness of prank calls and how they could prevent a real emergency being dealt with swiftly.

At the end, each Watch was asked one question which they all got right. They then had a tie breaker question. How many litres of water does a Fire Engine Hold – the answer is 1,800 litres.  Red watch got nearest to the correct answer.


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