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Year 6 learn how to BLOG!

During our ICT lesson on Tuesday 13th November 2018 we learnt about Blogging.
   L.O: To recognise the use of blogs – By Jeremiah

Blogs are ways of giving information to people about something.

People use them to get information about something they are not sure about it.

I found the blog about “ How to make a blog useful because i know how to write a blog.


L/O: To recognise the use of a blog.
By Nikola

A blog is when you write something then you send it online and many people read it so don’t  include bad language or private things about yourself.

Blogs are used for other people to know about you like your pets what you like doing.


L:O To recognise the use of blogs
By James

A blog is writing that anyone can see and it can be pictures too!

They are used to show what you are doing.

I found the first blog useful because it told me how to make a blog and how to see them.

You can keep yourself safe when blogging by not giving up to much of your personal secrets.

If I could blog I would blog about my baking skills and where I go and what I do.

What is Blogging?
Year 6 group discussion.

A Blog (Weblog) is an online passage of writing to explain or tell people about an event , topic or situation, for example hobbies, holidays or even a diary. You can share almost anything you like.

People blog because they would like to share events that have happened to them or something they do every day. People blog to reach the billions of people on the internet.

Although blogging is fantastic you have to be careful. Do not share any of your personal information.                                          

Here are some our favourite subjects which we have researched.

This is a Leeds badgeLucky Leeds – by James

We have been successful against Stoke and Derby but it seems nothing is going are way. After a horrific defeat against Blackburn and lots of injuries it seems we’ve lost are form.

New manager success?

Are new manager Marco Bielsa has made a few changes to the team and put us on a winning streak but he has not made our team improve. As we are top of the league so far it seems that we should be 10th. After many lucky draws against teams and bad performances it is most unlikely for us to go to the premiership. We do not look like a team who is strong enough to beat teams by 5 or 6 goals. We have proved by only beating Wigan 2-1 and only beating Hull 1-0.

How do we improve?

As the league continues and as we keep on having bad performances we must improve and this is how we do it. First of all are goalkeeper Peacock Farrell as let in a few cheeky goals so we should put in are other goalkeeper Blackman. Also are midfield needs improving. We have got good players such as Saiz and Klich but we need someone who can dribble with the ball and tackle people easily. And we need another striker. We do have Bamford but unfortunately he is injured until Christmas. We need another striker because Roofe is all alone and he cant cope with four or more defenders . So if Bielsa wants to stay then he needs to buy some more players !



The amazing comedian Michael Dapaah has released the song of Skrrrrt pop pop : Man`s Not Hot. He was born in London in January 1991.He is a star that is born and bred in our home country: England. Michael Dapaah went to Brunel university.



Man`s not hot has taken over the world with its catchy tune and silly lyrics. Aznee and many others helped to create this one hit wonder. Loved by millions of people across the world, he has received millions.







 By Caoilfhinn


Harry Potter is a boy who finds out he is a wizard and he goes to Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry and there’s lots of surprises ahead. Harry Potter is so good there are seven brilliant  books and 8 amazing films that I recommend watching all the films and reading all the books .


Harry  potter was written by J.K Rowling when she was a train then she started writing Harry Potter . After that she wrote six more books and finished on the seventh book.


By Aiden

Have you heard?

Roblox is one of the most fun games that you will ever play.

First it`s FREE.

Secondly the age limit is 7.


By Harry

The game kicked off and it was a very good game so far. Eric Dier came on and done an amazing tackle on Ramos. Unfortunately it was a yellow card which most England fans were angry about.

Most Liverpool fans love Eric Dier now because of the slide tackle he did on Ramos. Ramos dislocated Salah arm which made Liverpool fans angry.



Goblin sharks are weird looking and are very strange.

Scientists do not know much about goblin sharks sins they are rarely caught.

They have a long A goblin shark is about 12.6 feet[384].
A goblin shark weighs’  463 pounds.

These sharks live at a depth of 4265 feet [1300].

     Great white are more deadly.  


by Jake


What is new?

In the 1.14 update we will receive a mob called a beast, pillagers, foxes, and pandas. We will also receive items such as crossbows and berries.

Village raids  

 Pillagers and the beast will attack villagers and robe them. So you must protect villages.



By Mia

Have you heard?

The duke and  duchess of Sussex have announced that they are having a baby. It is due in Spring 2019. It was announced five months after their wedding.

The happy couple

Harry and Megan first met on a blind date. They were first  introduced  by a mutual friend . Megan was born in California the 4th of August 1981. Her parents are Thomas Markle and Doria Rangland, she also has two siblings. She used to be an actress but had to quit because she was going to be a royal.








By Luca

Why should you get one?

Ps4 is a new technology that is priceless all over the world, it’s the most powerful next gen console. Its £250 cheaper than an Xbox one.

Why is it better than xbox?

Because xbox is older and ps4 is more efficient than xbox and its well cheaper by £250.and its more popular because it works with sony.




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  1. Mrs Sheikh December 7, 2018

    The children have worked really hard with their blogs, they have researched a topic which has interested them. We would like the children to continue writing blogs throughout the year, so please share with us the topics which interest you, so they can write a blog for it.
    We hope that you will leave a comment for the children.

  2. Patrick January 17, 2019

    Great to read through all the blogs,

    well done to Year SIx.

    What might be nice sitting on the blog would be stories from their perspectives being at Millbrook including…

    How they enjoyed certain topics and lesson ,
    How they overcame challenges in their learning and successes they have had,
    How school life isn’t just learning subjects but their development as individuals.

    Also consistency in posting so all in the Millbrook community can benefit from their great work on this.


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